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Installation Services

Proper planning prior to the construction phase of a project ensures high-quality results. During the planning phase, we: 

  • Establish detailed construction schedule highlighting all activities involved in the installation of the turbine.
  • Order and expedite the delivery of the tower and turbine.
  • Implement management control of all project activities.
  • Prepare and implement subcontract agreements including the electrician and excavator.

Wind Turbines of Ohio is able to diagnose and repair broken wind turbines.  If you have an existing wind turbine which has not been running properly call today to have us come look at it and determine your options for repair.  

Wind Turbines of Ohio is licensed to do service work and maintenance on Northern 100 and Endurance E3120 Wind Turbines.

Electrical Service Work

  • Upgrades and service work
  • Rewiring, turbine hookup and safety check 
  • Utility company inspection and approval  
  • Turbine generator electric supply and demand 
  • Bi-directional meter installation and usage
  • Electric panel maintenance and capacity